Halloween Party

Members only No
When October 20th to November 1st
Free Item(s) Rookie's Candy Spooks Giveaway, Gary's Haunted Giveaway, Skip's Giveaway of Doom.
Where On the wiki
Mascot(s) Gary, Skip and Rookie

Side Mascots: Tra and Tra-bot

The Halloween Party 2015 is an event that occurred on the wiki in 2015.


The Graveyard of Doom has mysteriously spawned at the wiki and the Spooky Dragon has risen, Now that it has risen, it is causing havoc on all of Club Penguin and it's trying to steal all of the Pumpkin Puffles! It's up to you to stop it!



  • It's the first party after June.
  • The Candy Ghosts return to this party.
  • Throughout the party, Gizzy will give you daily quests after completing it.
    • The Halloween Party is Gizzy's first appearnce. It is unknown if he will appear at more parties.
  • At the end of the party, Tra and the Tra-Bot were mascots for the last few days due to a quest given by Gizzy.
    • It is unknown how Tra-bot is a mascot even if he was deactivated.




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