Harrison P. Bear

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Polar Bear
Position Ruler of Club Penguin
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Favorites Unknown
Related To Herberta G. Bear (Descendent), Herbert P. Bear (Descendent)
Romance Interest Unknown
Status Deceased
Alternate Form Ghostly Harrison
Portrayed By ?

Harrison Prinston Bear was the leader of Club Penguin 408 years ago. He soon became ill and gave up his position to Jay.

Ghostly Harrison

Ghostly Harrison is a clone of Harrison P. Bear from another dimension. Like Happy Herbert, he has an obsession with Justin Bieber. He is an ancestor of Hungry Herberta and Happy Herbert.

He grew up on Rockhopper Island, centuries before the alternate dimension Rockhopper discovered it. Harrison found that the Fountain of Youth was located on the island, and drank from it, giving him immortality.

Centuries after this, Rockhopper came to the island, and sent all the Polar Bears into the ocean. Most of the Polar Bears were able to swim to Club Penguin, where the Great Polar Bear War of Club Penguin began. Most of the Polar Bears died, except for Hungry Herberta, and Happy Herbert.

As a ghost, Harrison later moved to our dimension, where the Poltergeist Extermination Program captured him. His current location is unknown.


  • Unlike Herbert P. Bear, his descendant, he liked penguins and enjoyed being around them.
  • His family returned to the north pole shortly after his death.


  • "Hello penguins of Club Penguin!"
  • "As king, I will lead you into battle."