Hot Pink Puffle
Hot Pink Puffle

Available Puffle Emporium
Attitude Hyper, Sun-burnt
Member only No
Favorite toys Glitter and Fireball
Play action Creates Glitter Sculptures
Dance Dances in Glitter
Tongue color Pink
Speed Fast
Special features It's a Normal Puffle with a Sunburn

The Hot Pink Puffle is a puffle that can be earned at the Puffle Emporium. It loves sparkles and glitter.


Attitude: Excited
Favorite toys: Fireball and Glitter
Special fact: Very hyper
Favorite game: N/A
Play: Creates Glitter Sculptures
Even Better Play: Catches on fire (Not like Black Puffle)
Bath: Steam comes out of the bathtub, and the puffle temporarily becomes another puffle before becoming sun-burnt again.
Gum: Blows bubble with glitter inside then it pops and glitter sprays everywhere
Dance: Bounces around in glitter
Brush: Styles hair like the Flitter Flutter and Befluttered
Tickle: Makes MAH! noise.


  • It's not to be confused with the Magenta Puffle. Some penguins get confused, though the Hot Pink Puffle has brighter fur.


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