No need.
— Inferno

Ultimate Mega Dragon

Age 30 years
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Position Dragon
Friends Gracie
Enemies  ?
Favorites United Kingdom
Related To Unnamed parents
Unborn twin brother
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Inferno is the adoptive brother of Gracie. He lives in Kielder Forest in the United Kingdom, which he'll sometimes go to London and pretend to be Smaug. He has too much fire, as he absorbed all his twin brother's while still in their egg.


Inferno was born in an egg with his twin brother in Galway, Ireland. He absorbed all of his twin brother's fire while still in the egg, making him born with too much fire. His scales sometimes smoke and he burns almost everything he comes intact with. His parents were shocked when the egg hatched and didn't know what to do.

They purposely abandoned Inferno by a river in Tuam, afraid of trying to control him when he got older. He learned to take care of himself, cooking his prey easily and obviously keeping warm during harsh winters, but always felt lonely. One day, he came across another dragon named Gracie, and soon found out she was a shapeshifter. They still became great friends, though. She brought him to see her home in London, and he found a peaceful place to live in called Kielder Forest after a trip there with Gracie. She didn't mind that he would burn everything like a Midas touch. She still thought it was creepy, but she didn't just dislike him just for that.

He remains in Kielder forest, sometimes flying to Club Penguin, or exciting scouts to London. He'll pretend to be Smaug in London, and even LARP with fans. He has learned to slightly control his powers, but he'll still get things pretty warm when he touches something.


  • He acts like a father to Rthyin.


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