Zebra Puffle2

Owner Amanda, Cristina
Gender Female
Attitude Anxious, Impatient
Species Zebra Puffle
Age 1
Position N/A
Favorite toys Treadmill, Punching Bag
Favorite food O'berries
Friends Agent Amanda, Cristina
Enemies Natalia
Romance Interest N/A
Special features Was the runt of her litter

Isabella is Amanda and Cristina's zebra puffle.


Isabella's personality is typical of that of most other zebra puffles, except she's a bit more anxious. She hides whenever Natalia is around, because she's obnoxious, likes to pick her up, and pretends to fly her, not knowing it scares her. She doesn't like other puffles, unless she's used to them, as with Amanda and Cristina's other puffles. This might be because she was the runt of the litter.


Isabella was born to another zebra puffle. She was the runt of the litter, didn't get enough milk, and her mother's owners weren't able to support the baby zebra puffles, so after they were able to live without their mother's milk, they were brought to the pet shop. Soon after moving to Club Penguin from England, Amanda adopted her. It was just those two until Amanda got more puffles, and Cristina and Natalia came along.

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