Age 30
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Part-time PSA Agent, preschool teacher
Friends Amanda, Cristina, Natalia
Enemies PSA enemies
Favorites Agent gadgets
Related To Her husband Jake, Megan, Patricia
Romance Interest Jake*
Status Alive
Alternate Form None
Portrayed By None
Jenna Simmons is one of Amanda's friends she met when she moved to Club Penguin. She babysits Natalia when Amanda and Cristina aren't home. She works as a teacher at a preschool. She persuades Amanda and Cristina to let Natalia be in her class when she's old enough to attend preschool.


Jenna is kind and brave. She loves children, loves her job as a teacher, and loves babysitting Natalia. She is a high-ranked PSA Agent, and has foiled Herbert's plans many times.


  • She was one of Amanda's bridesmaids at her and Cristina's wedding.
  • She has a gray cat puffle named Whiskers.
  • She was in the EPF until the PSA was formed.
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