I don't remember my back hurting back in the day.
— Jeremy
Jeremy Somerville

Age 61
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Coffee Shop barista
Friends PSA, EPF
Enemies Herbert P. Bear
Favorites Cronuts, coffee
Related To Clara, Gracie, Tim, Lily, Gary, Katy, Rockhopper
Romance Interest Clara
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Colin Firth

Jeremy Somerville is the father of Gracie and Tim. He was born in Aldershot, England. He met his wife, Clara after graduating from college.

He owns a male white puffle and a female green puffle, named Milo and Jade respectively. He also owns a female black dino puffle, named Onyx. He used to own a male red puffle named Fury when they first came to Club Penguin, but he set it free back into the wild after six years of owning it.


Jeremy was born in Aldershot, England to Sheila and Calum Somerville on November 3rd. At the age of 14, Jeremy's first sister was born, Katy. He took good care of her, before heading off to college in London. He became a successful musician and played many instruments.

After graduating, Jeremy met Clara at the age of 23. They got married three years later and had their only child, Tim. Clara was with egg a year later, but the egg was destroyed. While in the Coffee Shop on Club Penguin with his wife and son, they encountered Gracie. She reminded him of he thought his stillborn child would of looked like in his mind. After she explained she was a shapeshifter, the three adopted her and took care of her, teaching her the penguin ways.

Unexpectedly, when Jeremy turned 34, his parents had another child, Gary. Two years later, they had Lily. He would often visit them with Katy.

Jeremy began training with Sensei, learning the ways of the ninja. He still holds these skills today.

Three months after Jeremy turned 40, his mother died of sickness. His father vowed to look after Gary and Lily, still keeping in touch with Jeremy and Katy. Their father got remarried to another penguin, having Rockhopper.

Currently, Jeremy continues to play multiple instruments, including the soprano sax which is his favourite. He is the current barista as the Coffee Shop on Club Penguin, enjoying his quiet job.


Jeremy is very pure and respectable. In his childhood, he always got good grades and never got in trouble. He's quite like his son, being calm most of the time and quite friendly. He enjoys flower gardening, having one at his home on Club Penguin.

He loves cronuts, but he's stopped eating them a lot because he claims he's becoming too old. He uses Proactiv to look young because he doesn't want to look like an "old fart" serving coffee at the coffee shop.

He loves music, and plays multiple saxophones. He was also briefly interested in sports, joining the track team in high school. He wanted to enter the Olympics, but his parents couldn't afford the money for training.

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