Watch out Herbert! This guy's back in the sky!
— Jet Pack Guy
Jet Pack Guy
Jet Pack Guy

Age 32
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA agent
Friends Everyone
Enemies Herbert P. Bear, Tusk, Proto-Bot
Favorites Gracie, his jetpack
Related To Gracie (wife)
Jewel (daughter)
Puffles (brother)
Romance Interest Gracie
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Jet Pack Guy (real full name Hunter Dean Sensei) is a somewhat grumpy EPF and PSA agent with an awesome jet pack. He'll give out jet packs to new recruits. He is the husband of Gracie, and the father of their child Jewel. His parents are Blue Jay and Belle, his younger brother being Puffles. He is best friends with Gary.

He is very fond of his jet pack, never taking it off. He used to even make out with it before being crushed by Jimmy for doing it.


Jet Pack Guy is generally serious and grumpy, never smiling. Although, he can be very nice once you actually meet him. He's very loyal, determined, and well-disciplined. He is oftentimes annoyed by Rookie's antics, and frequently yells at him, but he secretly thinks of Rookie as a little brother.


Jet Pack guy is the older brother of Puffles. Their parents got separated from them a few years ago. Herbert had captured penguins and held them hostage on the iceberg. A chunk of the berg was accidentally cut off with their parents on it. This caused him and JPG to deeply hate Herbert.

It was later found out that this was an artificial memory created by Admiral Percy Jammington XXVI. In reality, Puffles got kidnapped and JPG was sent to find him. They never returned, leaving Belle and Jay heartbroken. Percy later renamed the two into their current names: Puffles and Guy. (Previously, Puffles was known as Timothy, and Guy was known as Hunter). Many years later, JPG along with his brother escaped from Percy and joined the PSA. Jay didn't recognize his children at first, since they were a lot older. However, when they went back into the future, Jay found out that they were his long lost sons, using a device he found.

Jet Pack Guy first met Gracie when they were teenagers. After Gracie returned to Club Penguin when she was in her 20s, they started dating and soon got married.


  • He doesn't enjoy the beach or being out in the sun, which is why he always wears sunglasses.
  • Agent Brohoof thinks he's too serious and overrated.


  • "On it!"
  • "Seems legit."
  • "What's wrong, Gracie?"
  • "Aw, dang it! I'm out of fuel..PUFFLES! GET ME SOME NOW!"
  • "..Let's just say..our parents weren't really great with names.."
  • "That guy's going down!"
  • "Rookie! Stay away from my jet pack!!!" -When Rookie is near his Jet Pack.


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