Oh, look, my bus is driving off.
— Jordin
Jordin Eira

Age 31
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Musician
Friends Gracie, John
Enemies Unknown
Favorites Trumpets, her friends
Related To Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Grandparents
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Jordin Eira is a grade school friend of Gracie and John. She is a hipster, much like her best friend, Gracie, still interested in things from the '90s and '80s. She is Scottish and born on March 14th.


Jordin is a light blue penguin with dark blue eyes. She stands at 3'4, being an average height. She has chin-length golden brown hair, which used to be longer. She used to put her hair up in a bun, before cutting it.

Jordin has reading glasses, which she'll often wear even when she doesn't need them. She often wears her rainbow hoodie, given to her by Gracie. She also sometimes wears a vest over simple t-shirts with shorts and flip-flops. In the winter, she wears a blue striped scarf.


Early lifeEdit

Jordin was born on March 14th in Inverness, Scotland, and was raised there by her parents. They later got separated when she was 12, and she went to live with her grandparents in London, England. She attended school there, meeting Gracie and John, whom would be her best friends throughout all her life.

Childhood lifeEdit

She joined band in 7th grade, having not been in London in the 6th grade. She was behind her whole class, but her two best friends were also in band so they helped her out. Later when she got to high school, she played in symphonies while Gracie temporarily quit band to be in the drama club. She still played in band with Jordin and John, but she just couldn't do band and drama at the same time.

Teenage Life and Early AdulthoodEdit

Jordin graduated with Gracie and John, but decided to attend a separate college from them. After graduating from college at the age of 26, Jordin continued to be a successful musician and continued to play the trumpet. Upon turning 29, Jordin opened up a music store, which she still owns today.

Present LifeEdit

Jordin is still close to Gracie and John, and will often visit them. She still resides in London, but often vacations to Scotland to see her parents. She enjoys watching the movies Gracie stars in, and finds herself lucky to have a friend like her.


Jordin is very hyper and uncontrollable. Whenever she meets male celebrities with Gracie she likes, she'll often abandon her friend to go flirt with him. Jordin has a bit of a short-temper, just like Gracie, but she seems to have less control over it, unlike Gracie, who often conceals her growing rage.


  • Her glasses are only for reading.


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