Jungle Puffle
Jungle puff

Available The Puffle Emporium
Attitude Adventurous, curious
Member only No
Favorite toys Binoculars and ukelele
Play action Looks through binoculars and spots something
Dance Plays ukelele
Tongue color Aqua
Speed Fast
Special features It can use camouflage to hide itself

The Jungle Puffle is a puffle that can be earned at The Puffle Emporium.


Attitude: Adventurous, curious
Favorite toys: Binoculars, Ukelele
Favorite food: Carrot cake
Special fact: It is able to hide itself using camoflauge
Favorite game: Hide and Seek
Play: It uses its binoculars
Even Better Play: It plays its ukelele
Bath: It takes a mud bath
Gum: It blows a hot air balloon with its gum, and starts to float into the sky before the gum pops
Dance: It pulls out its ukelele, and plays it.
Brush: Its hair becomes extremely tangled (like a jungle). It shakes, and it goes back to normal.
Tickle: Jumps and makes monkey noises


  • They were found on Rockhopper Island at Flippr, then they were brought here, to Club Penguin.
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