Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life.
— Kippy


Age 5,000+
Gender Male
Species Fox
Position Former watchfox, PSA helper
Friends Gracie
Gracie's puffles
The Doctor
Enemies Lethargarians
Favorites DeFried Pears
Related To Tick, unnamed parents
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By John Patrick Lowrie

Kippy (or by his birth name Tock) is the tame arctic fox of Gracie, originally a watchfox of The Doctor. He has the ability to talk, as he's considered a otherworldly being, coming from the Lands Beyond.


Kippy had a brother born to two unnamed foxes, and was named Tick, assuming his clock would go tickticktick. But once it finally did start "ticking", it actually "tocked". The two foxes rushed to the Hall of Records to change their son's name, but it was already inscribed and nothing could be done. They had Kippy afterwards, naming him Tock, not wanting to make the same mistake they did with Tick, assuming all their kids would make the same noise. But, Tock went tickticktick, and the two gave up on having children. It is unknown what happened to Tick and his parents after Tock became a watchfox of the Doctor.

In The Phantom TARDIS, Tock and the Doctor save Gracie from the Doldrums. Tock can talk, and his voice is pretty deep compared to what Gracie expected. During the events of the story, the Doctor and Tock grow a strong bond with her, all three showing great sacrifices for each other.

After Gracie's journey ended, the Doctor promised to return and show her other magnificent places and beyond the Lands Beyond. A few years later, he gave her Tock, after he resigned from his watchfox position and feeling utter embarrassment at an unsaid event. Gracie noticed his clock that was supposed to be attached to his side was absent, instead separate from Tock's body as a normal pocket watch. It no longer worked and could not be fixed. Gracie kept the clock, as Tock wanted to keep it as a reminder of his days as a watchfox. Gracie renamed him to "Kippy".

He now helps the PSA find sources of crimes, and manage their schedules. He will occasionally accompany Gracie on her many journeys outside of the PSA.


Kippy is brave, determined, and a bit short-tempered. People that waste time annoy him, and whenever he confronts them he always rages on about why you shouldn't. During The Phantom TARDIS, Kippy is revealed to be willing to do many stunts and put his friends' lives before his. He's also quite friendly, and easily befriended Gracie. He comes off as sweet and precious to most people, but could actually kill you without any hesitation.


  • The Arctic Fox Puffle is similar in appearance to him.
  • Kippy has confirmed he's over 5,000 years old, being fairly young compared to his parents.


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