Klepto the Crab

Age 17
Gender Male
Species Crab
Position Kleptomaniac
Friends  ?
Enemies Herbert, The PSA
Favorites O' Berries
Related To  ?
Romance Interest Crissy
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Klepto is an evil crab who has an obsession over O' Berries. He often teams up with Herbert P. Bear, but that is only because the polar bear bribes him with berries.


Klepto's favorite food is O' Berries, which he is completely obsessed over, and will do anything to get his claws on some. He dislikes Herbert, and has a love-hate relationship with Klutzy because of this, and is often confused with him.


Klepto's main mode of transportation is a flying Aqua Grabber. Its claw can be used to pull O' Berries in among other things. This vehicle is ironically hydrophobic, and will explode on contact with liquid water.


  • "Clicky-Click Clickity! (You are to give me your O' Berries THIS instant!)"
  • "Click click clicky...(This fatso is more annoying than i thought....)"
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