Korra Von Valentio
Sabrina Carpenter

Age  ?
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position RPF Agent
Friends Puffle, the RPF
Enemies The PSA
Favorites Pie, Gray, Beaches, Water, Tanning
Related To None
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Sabrina Carpenter

Korra Von Valentio (full name Vanessa Von Adolpha) is an alive and well RPF agent, who often does the dirty work of the agency, despite hating fighting and doing evil stuff. She is a widowed woman. She seems to act kinder when her husband is mentioned, or when pie is involved. She'll do anything for pie, even becoming good. She started to call herself Vanessa Santoranio, in hopes of losing the RPF.

She can sing very well, her aspiration being to be a singer.


Korra Von Valentino was originally named Vanessa Von Adolpha, but she changed her name from the force of her father. They were very rich, and lived in a large mansion in Berlin, Germany. The RPF soon spread to Germany, and her father whom hated the good people, joined. Vanessa [Korra] was forced to watch her own mother's execution, as she chose to join the EPF/PSA agency. She wailed for months on end, and finally got fed up and ran away. She seems to act vicious to the PSA, but really wishes she chose good, instead of being forced into being a RPF Agent. She found comfort in pie, and she met her now dead husband in a pie shop. She then watched him die during a PSA raid on the home, when he vouched to protect her from an incoming bullet. She was detained and sent to prison, but had the charges aquitted. She then bought a puffle.


  • Her weapon of choice is either a bladed fan, or a Glock 17.
  • She seems to attack when agitated.
  • She had a stab wound on her shoulder.
  • She loves to swim.


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