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The LOVE (League Of Villains Everywhere) is an evil agency consisting of many villains, created to get revenge on the PSA.


JADE AllianceEdit

The JADE Alliance (Jay's And Douglas' Evil Alliance) was a temporary version of the LOVE when Jay was turned evil by Kevin.


  • Douglas (Director)
  • Jay (Co-director)
  • Charlie II (Charlie's Equivalent)
  • Smulley 3.0 (Gizmo's Equivalent)
  • Rhino (Helmet's Equivalent)
  • Soar (Eagles' Equivalent)
  • Maria (Cadence's Equivalent)
  • Sky (Lucy's Equivalent)
  • Star (Locy's Equivalent)
  • Klepto (Wingman's Equivalent)
  • Albert (during a time when he was turned evil, Gary's Equivalent)
  • Dalbin (Guinydyl's Equivalent)
  • Saruman (ADL's Equivalent)


  • With the exclusion of Perry the Pizza Guy, The LOVE originally excluded enemies who had fought the PSA recently, until the addition of Brady and the Protobot.
    • However, it is unknown why Bella and Ava want revenge on the PSA, as they had not yet fought the PSA in the LOVE's first appearance in the Roleplay.
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