Lee Pace
Lee Pace with a chicken.jpg

Lee with a chicken

Age 36 years
Gender Male
Sexuality ?
Species Human/God
Position None
Friends Agent Pixie, Raven
Enemies Charlie
Favorites Acting, pie
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest Elsa
Status Alive
Alternate Form God
Portrayed By Lee Pace

Lee Grinner Pace is an American actor, and the current form of God.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, before the universe existed, there was nothing, which exploded. Out of the ashes of this explosion, an almighty being was born. He created the universe and everything in it. Millions of years after this, He went to war with Satan Claus and was gravely wounded. In an attempt to prevent Satan Claus' return, he used the last of his powers to seal Satan in hell. He then gave up his immortal form and was reborn as a mortal.

At Sherbert's Birth, Lee met Elsa and later married her.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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