Lola Swimsurf

Age 19
Gender Female
Sexuality ?
Species Penguin
Position Potion Brewer
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Favorites Potion Brewing
Related To Angie*
Romance Interest Rafael Pengi
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Lola is a penguin that lives on Innocent Island. She was the girlfriend of Rafael.


Lola still lives on Innocent Island, taking care of Lotus, Rafe's blue puffle, after Rafael moved to Club Penguin. She has a talent of brewing potions, and has dreamed of being Gary's assistant. She also has two white puffles, which one has  been turned ito a Unicorn puffle and the other one into a Chicken puffle. Their names are Magical and White. She also has a sister, Angie, who is a surfer-in-progress.


Magical is a Unicorn Puffle. Magical is capable of teleporting in and out of locations. Once, she even teleported into Gary's house!

White is a Chicken Puffle. White is beginning to fly and can sneeze magic dust that is used for Lola's potions. Other than that, White plays with Angie.


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