"You just wait, Club Penguin will be mine one day!"
— Lydia

Age Mid to late-20s
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Director of
the RPF
Friends Few RPF members
Enemies The PSA
Favorites Committing crimes,
stopping the PSA
Related To  ?
Romance Interest None*
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Lydia is a penguin that is currently the director of the RPF. She used to hide her identity as the director, but it was revealed very fast. Many penguins compared her hair to hers in her director form, noticing it was the same. She wants to get revenge on the PSA and the EPF for an unknown reason. In her spare time, she is a model for the Penguin Style catalogs.

She was imprisoned in Gracie's everything-proof bunker somewhere in the U.S. for about a year. Due to this, the RPF was in a position of anarchy and didn't attack any of their enemies for a year. After Lydia escaped, she attacked the PSA, catching them all with surprise, especially Gracie, who was convinced her bunker was everything-proof.


Lydia is naturally a cheerful and happy penguin, but at times she can be very serious. She is known to break promises and laws. She has a habit of standing in doorways and blocking people from getting in and out of them. She doesn't seem to realize this annoys them, and usually gets offended when they shove past her when she doesn't move. She does not take Popcorn Guy's crush on her seriously.


  • "Oh please, Popcorn guy!"
  • "My, my, isn't this the PSA? I don't get what you are so proud of. This agency is a mess. Oh well, better put an end to it."


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