Don't call me Mabel!
— Mae

Age 39
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Night Club DJ, Party Planner
Friends PSA Agents, Her family, Lucas
Enemies Herbert
Favorites Music, parties, her dog puffle Simon
Related To See list below
Romance Interest Robert O'Sullivan
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Jessica Revell

Mabel (Mae) Vivian O'Sullivan (née Fisher) is the eldest child of Ray and Maya fisher. She is a member of the Party Committee. She also owns a Blue Border Collie named Simon. She currently resides in a spacious apartment in Downtown London with her husband, Robert, her children, Sebastian, Nita and Aleixa, and her dog puffle, Simon.


Mae is an easy going, happy-go-lucky penguin who is always nice. Despite this, she can become very hostile when someone calls her by her full name, 'Mabel'. She can be quite loud sometimes.


Mae is a dark blue penguin with naturally black hair. She dyed her hair purple, like her brother Barry, at the age of 24. As a DJ, she usually wears a Dubstep Puffle chain, a white t-shirt with a white jacket, seafoam green sneakers and blue trousers. She frequently wears a white and green baseball cap.


  • Rookie believes that her full name is 'Mayonnaise' and not 'Mabel'.
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