Magenta Puffle
Flippr magenta

Available The Puffle Emporium
Attitude Crazy, magical
Member only No
Favorite toys Wand and pixie dust
Play action Waves around wand, performing a spell, then disappears in a cloud of pink dust
Dance Waves around wand, leaving pink dust
Tongue color Green
Speed Fast
Special features Can perform spells

The Magenta Puffle is a puffle that can be bought at The Puffle Emporium


Attitude: Crazy
Favorite toys: Wand and pixie dust
Hat item: Witch hat
Special fact: Can perform spells
Favorite game: N/A
Play: Waves around wand, casting spell, then disappears
Even Better Play: Throws around pixie dust
Bath: Jumps into pool with pink sparkles, comes out with sparkles on it
Gum: Blows star-shaped bubble
Dance: Waves around wand, leaving pink dust
Brush: Hair becomes sparkly, covered in pink dust
Tickle: Laughs.

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