Melissa's Revenge

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Melissa's Revenge, also known as MR, is an agency created by Melissa and Megan, to get revenge on SASS for kicking Melissa out in August 2016. It is lead by Melissa, and co-lead by Valencia. The current members are the aforementioned three and Samantha.

Founding and AdvertisingEdit

Melissa and Megan founded the agency in late August 2016, on the day Melissa got fired from SASS.

The members like to advertise their agency in hopes that others will join. Soon after the agency's founding, Melissa and Megan advertised the agency every way they could, including asking news stations to feature it in their TV episodes and newspapers, but nobody thought it was newsworthy enough. This made Melissa and Megan very angry, and they went around and spray-painted "If Ur a Prep, Join Melissa's Revenge Now!" on every building in sight, and made lots of posters with this message, putting them on every pole, building, bench, etc. Their work was featured on TV and in newspapers. The agents were happy that their agency was finally in the news, but angry that it was being painted in a negative light. Melissa still orders its members to advertise with spray-paint and posters, while doing so herself. Despite all these advertising efforts, the agency still has few members.

Legal Trouble Agents have Gotten into for AdvertisingEdit

On November 14, 2016, Samantha got arrested, fined and sent to jail for vandalizing the Pizza Parlor, but is currently out on bail.

On December 1, 2016, Valencia ran into the studio during an interview with Ultraviolet to advertise Melissa's Revenge, and got thrown out by security and was indefinitely forbidden to come back to the station for interrupting the program.

Current MembersEdit