You awaken some time later.

You find yourself tied to a chair. You look around, you appear to be in a cave. You notice the the other agents are also tied up, (Rookie and Gary have been captured while you were unconscious). You realize that Herbert hasn't done a very good job of tying you up, and you slip out of the ropes. You have just crawled behind a stalagmite, (or maybe it's a stalactite? you make a mental note to ask Gary about it later) when Herbert comes in. Herbert laughs and says "I've finally captured ALL of the top EPF agents!, and now I can finally continue with my plan." Herbert starts to walk towards Gary. "I will remove the inventor's brain, and find out what makes him so smart!" Herbert laughs again. You notice something on the wall, it's an emergency power shutoff button, you, Sneak over and press the button. | Try to tackle Herbert