Inventor Jay
Date Invented N/A
Function Transportation, Flight

The Multi-Vehicle 5000 is one of Jay's inventions. The car can go underwater and fly. When going underwater, the mullet skin will protect the car, and the jetpack will allow the car to fly or go at a fast speed. It has not been officially released, and Jay uses it as his main mode of transportation.


The original version, the Multi-Vehicle 3000, is similar, but it cannot fly or go at a really fast speed, and it has 70% of a chance to be caught by a fisher penguin, while the upgrade only has 20% of a chance.


Jay is currently working on the Multi-Vehicle 7000 which has a 5% chance of being caught underwater and has the same abilities as the 5000. It will be able to drive itself. It is fireproof. It may also be able to hover and ice skate.


The Multi-Vehicle 10000 is another invention Jay is working on. It has the ability to do everything the 7000 can do with the additional power of space travel and driving on walls and ceilings.


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