Age 4
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position None
Friends Jewel, Jenna
Enemies None
Favorites Her stuffed animals, her family and friends, clothes
Related To Amanda, Cristina (adoptive mothers)
Romance Interest Darwin the penguin (possibly)
Status Alive
Alternate Form None
Portrayed By None
Natalia Emilia Bryant-Lamb is Amanda and Cristina's adoptive daughter, who they adopted from the Pet Shop. After meeting Jewel, they instantly became friends. Their favorite game to play together is dress-up.


Natalia is silly and playful. She likes to have tea parties and play other games with her stuffed animals, Jewel, and Jenna, her babysitter. She also is fascinated with clothes, like her adoptive mothers. She gets along well with their puffle, Goofball, because they have so much in common.


Natalia was born on September 26, 2012, to parents who weren't able to support her, so they brought her to the Pet Shop to be adopted by a family that could. Most of the visitors to the Pet Shop didn't like her because of how obnoxious she is. But one day, Amanda and Cristina went there to look for a pookie to adopt, and Natalia formed a connection with both of them, so they adopted her.


  • It's hinted she has a crush on Darwin (penguin).
  • She recently got pinkeye from a ballpit.
  • Amanda's zebra puffle Isabella is afraid of her because she's usually loud and obnoxious, and likes to pick her up.
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