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Age Younger than This
Gender Unknown
Sexuality ?
Species Something
Position A Thing
Friends Someone
Enemies You
Favorites Nothing
Related To This
Romance Interest That
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

None is That's paramour. None lives on Here, but None was born in There. None's best friend is Sherbert, whom None met in home-school.


None was born in There. None met That when None was Some years old, and None and That almost instantly fell in love. None and That knew each other because That and This knew Them, and That and This became friends. None moved from Here to There because None was in love with That for many years. None's gender is unknown, but None is most likely a nothing. None married That and eventually saw This at the Their family reunion, located There, at the time of Then.


  • None's cousin who also has an undetermined gender, This, is many years older than None.
  • None and That's wedding is scheduled to be Last Tuesday.
  • None and That saw This at the Their family reunion, at the time Then, located in There.
  • None attended None's best friend's birth.
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