Operation: Valentine

Members only No
When February 2nd-28th 2014
Free Item(s) Pink I Love ADL Shirt
Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Douglas,Smulley,

Charlie, ADL

Operation: Valentine was the wiki's second party. ADL, Charlie, Douglas, and Smulley made their debuts as mascots at this party.


After the Gary Takeover, LOVE tries to steal the cloning machine to create an army of themselves. In order to do so, they create a device that makes everyone in the PSA fall in love with the wrong things.

After LOVE finally manages to steal the cloning machine, Douglas decides to obtain the distractulator.


Image Item Type Cost
Valentine ADL Pink I Love ADL Shirt Body Item Free
ADL BG ADL's Valentine Giveaway Backgrounds Free
SmulleyBG Smulley's Evil Giveaway Backgrounds Free
Douglas BG Douglas's Evil Giveaway Backgrounds Free
CHarlie BG Charlie's Puffle Giveaway Backgrounds Free



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