Paige the Puffle Handler
Paige Happy

Age 29
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent, Puffle Trainer
Friends The PSA, Barry, Kate
Enemies RPF
Favorites Puffles, Helmet
Related To Helmet, Charlie, Darwin, Guinydyl
Romance Interest Helmet
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Paige Baker (also known as PH or Puffle Handler, née von Puffle) is an agent of the PSA. She trains puffles for the agency, including Bouncer, Blast, Flare, Loop, Pop, Flit, Chirp, and Chill.

She is the sister of Dylan. She is also the wife of Helmet, and the mother of their child, Darwin. She is the adoptive mother of Charlie and Halo.


Paige was born sometime in 1988. She spent her childhood and teenage years in an igloo in the Igloo Village. In the Igloo Village, Paige's closest friend was her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kate. Paige attended that same school as her brother, which was overrun by their mother, Kourtney.

At the ages of 23 and 22, she and her brother moved near the Plaza. Paige would spend time around the puffles ,and their father, whilst Dylan would try and find a role in a play at the Stage. Dylan later found a job at the Pizza Parlor. Despite the fact that he loved his job, Dylan quit. Due to this, Paige was confused.

Paige later learnt that the reason for her brother's quitting was because he joined The PSA. She learnt this when he picked her to be the agency's Puffle Handler. She thanked both her brother and her new boss, Pixie.

Paige later found her love interest Helmet whilst working in the agency. They then found orphan Charlie whilst they were at the Beach. They soon adopted him.


Paige is shown to be a huge puffle lover and expert. She loves exploring, and shows deep affection for her husband, Helmet. She often worries about her brother's future, as he appears to be going towards poverty.


  • She owns a plush of an orange puffle and an "I ♥ Helmet" t-shirt.
  • She suspects that Agent Phineas99 has a crush on her.
  • If she was magical, like her mother, she would have been sorted into Pufflehuff at Pengwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    • Her patronus would be an orange puffle and her boggart would be Helmet, Charlie, her brother and parents all dead on the floor.


  • "G'day mate!"
  • "Oh shucks, Helmet."
  • "G'day! Didn't see ya' there! Just roundin' up some puffles like always!"
  • "Now get out there and show 'em what y'all can do, Charlie!"


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