Age 12
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position None
Friends Agent Tra
Enemies School bullies
Favorites Pumpkin, cats, cat puffles, Halloween
Related To Jenna (mother)

Megan (sister)

Romance Interest Tra, Tim
Status Alive
Alternate Form None
Portrayed By None

Patricia Simmons is Jenna's daughter, who goes to the same school as Agent Tra and is friends with him. She has a fascination with cats, and likes to dress like one. She has a purple cat puffle named Pumpkin.


Patricia is silly and energetic, and likes to pretend to be a cat. She can get angry and disobedient when she's told to calm down. She's always liked cats and pretended to be one, and gets a cat costume for Halloween every year. She is a straight-A student at school, and has a crush on Agent Tra. She is also a big fan of Tim, having a crush on him and seeing him as her idol, and wants to meet him and Rory one day. Her favorite band is Ultraviolet, because Tim is in the band. Before Megan became nicer, she was often rude to her, and Patricia disliked her because of this. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.


Patricia was born on a cool November 7, on Club Penguin island. She was always silly, and when she began teething, would chew on pretty much everything but her teething ring. She got her cat puffle Pumpkin for her 12th birthday, and loves to cuddle, pet, hold, and share food with her. Pumpkin also loves her, and purrs whenever Patricia holds her or gives her food or water.

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