Peng revealed

Age Immortal
Gender Unknown, possibly male
Species Spirit
Position God of all Penguins
Friends Everyone who obeys them
Enemies All evil
Favorites The entire Penguin universe
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest N/A*
Status Alive
Alternate Form True Peng
Portrayed By Everyone

Peng was the first penguin ever, and the God of all penguins.


Though most penguins recognize him as a happy god that would never destroy, he has 3 personalities.

Normal Peng

Normal Peng is what he is normally. This personality nearly does anything.

Happy Peng

This Peng is what he is normally after an apocalypse. He is very happy, of course, as this.

Angry Peng

The most violent and powerful personality of Peng. This one is normally expressed when an apocalypse starts, and when he is in battle. Fighting it gives you a 99% chance of dying.

Crazy Peng

As an even more devastating version of Angry Peng, Crazy Peng will destroy anything and everything that gets close to it, even innocent penguins! This personality is by far the rarest one, since it wasn't even expressed yet.


Beginning of the Penguin Universe

Before the Penguin Universe was created, Peng hatched out of his egg and created it, starting the beginning of the Penguin race from the prehistoric times to the very present. To monitor his creations so he can sleep, he created a small eye that would watch the penguins and remind Peng if they were misbehaving.

The First Apocalypse

Unfortunately, that did happen. Back in the late cretaceous, every single penguin was fighting for their own land. After 4 months of it, 1,000 meteor showers struck at the same time, all of them sent by Peng himself. After the tragic disaster and a deep speech, the medieval era began and Rsnail was created.

End of the World/The Legend of Peng

Peng is set to fully appear in the upcoming roleplay.


  • Even though he is the most powerful being in the Penguin universe, he can still be defeated by some mortal penguins, such as Star.
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