Perry the Pizza Guy

Age 24
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Pizza Chef,
RPF Agent
Friends RPF Agents
Enemies The PSA
Favorites Pizza
Related To Gary
Romance Interest Pizza
Status Alive
Alternate Form N/A
Portrayed By Jason Ritter

Perry the Pizza Guy is Gary's cousin, who he is very jealous of because of his inventions. He works as a chef at the Pizza Parlor, and is known to work for the RPF in his free time.


Perry started working at the Pizza Parlor as a sane penguin. As he worked there, customers were very rude to him, and gave him very poor tips, if any. That, along with the little pay he received drove him to insanity. The only things he liked about his job were the penguins he worked with, one of them being being Dylan, who was Perry's best friend. When Dylan left the Pizza Parlor, Perry went insane, and eventually joined the RPF so that they could help him get revenge on unsuspecting penguins. He was fired from his job after going insane, and it is unknown how he got his job back. He possibly bribed his old boss.


Perry is very crazy, enjoying throwing blobs of pizza dough at unsuspecting penguins. He attacks almost every customer at the Pizza Parlor, and it is unknown how he still has his job. He mainly uses pizza dough, hot sauce, and a spoon for weapons.


  • "We are out of pizza, sucker. How about having a blob of dough at your face instead?!"
  • "Hello kind sir/madam, would you care for some HOT SAUCE IN YOUR EYES?!"
  • "Don't come any closer! Or I'll throw my spatula at you!"
  • "Gary?! Well it seems like you're hungry for pizza.... HAVE HOT SAUCE IN YOUR EYES COMBINED WITH A BLOB OF DOUGH AT YOUR FACE!!!"
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