Pete cutout

Age 7 months
Gender Male
Species Puffle cyborg
Position Annoyance to the PSA
Friends Paige, Guinydyl
Enemies Everyone
Favorites Food
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest Food
Status Alive, currently a cyborg
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
— Pete being pulled painfully by PH

Pete was Paige's and Guinydyl's puffle. He ate more than the average Orange Puffle, and PH was the only one who liked him. 


Pete was very annoying and the only thing that ever crossed his mind was food. Despite his innocent appearance, he only cared about food, and he would do anything- even harm someone, for food.


Pete was killed when Charlie became extremely furious with Pete for eating his igloo with him and his family inside. Charlie took out his flame thrower and chased Pete around the island with it before finally cornering him in the Cove.

Cyborg LifeEdit

Contrary to popular belief, Pete did not die, but was gravely wounded. He was found by Rookie, who brought the dying puffle to a hospital, where they revived him. Unfortunately, Pete's eye and most of his face were damaged beyond repair. Pete was taken to Gary, who created cyborg implants for him. He now resides somewhere in the wilderness and is currently plotting his revenge on Charlie.


  • Pete was featured in an issue of the Club Penguin times in March 2013.
  • It is rumoured that Pete may still be alive.
  • Pete grew whenever he ate something.


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