Petey K

Age 24 years
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Accordionist, Guitarist, and Pianist of the Club Penguin Band, PSA Agent
Friends G Billy,
Stompin' Bob,
Enemies Herbert
Favorites Playing in the Penguin Band, Ava
Related To Violet*, Ava
Romance Interest Violet*
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Petey K is a musician who secretly works for the PSA, and the child of Scott and Katy. He was married to Violet, and is father of their child Ava. They got divorced, and Violet left Club Penguin with their daughter. He, Franky, G Billy, and Stompin' Bob made up the Penguin Band. After Franky's tragic death, the band no longer plays and has disbanded.

Petey K used to play the accordion, but before the band disbanded, he started playing the guitar. He continues to play the guitar in public places, despite the fact the Penguin Band broke up.


  • "There's no stopping our groove!"
  • "Get ready for the best concert of your lives!"


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