"Pixie" Skye Gryffin Somerville
Pixie with short hair.png

Age 30
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Species Penguin
Position Director of the PSA,
singer, artist
Friends Everyone
Enemies Herbert, Tusk,
Protobot, Franky*
Favorites Chocolate, Pizza,
Related To List
Romance Interest Gary
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Jennifer Hale

Alex Kingston*

Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, which comes from a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate is salad.

Skye (Pixie) Gryffin Somerville is the director of the PSA.

She is married to Gary, and is the mother of their child, Zelda. She is an inventor, much like her husband, and was briefly the lead singer of the nerd rock band, "Aliens & Stuff" before they disbanded in 2018. She is much stronger than she looks, and can fix almost anything, albeit not very well in most cases.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As The Director Pixie is calm and authoritative. She's always open to suggestions and ideas from her agents though.

As a penguin, she is rather quiet most of the time, although she is well known to make sarcastic comments at inappropriate times, often causing people to become angry with her.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pixie has dark auburn hair, which is typically worn in a high ponytail, altough recently she has been sporting a pixie cut. Her typical outfit consists of a lavender turtleneck sweater, blue buckle-up jacket, and varying skirts or pants.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]


Born on a small island called Icely, to the north of Club Penguin, Skye Gryffin spent most of her childhood exploring the forest around her family's igloo. At a young age, her parents gave her the nickname "Pixie" due to her mischievous attitude. This name has stuck with her into adulthood.

Early Adulthood[edit | edit source]

At the age of 18, Pixie ventured to Club Penguin, where she joined the Penguin Secret Agency. It was through the original PSA that Pixie met her future husband, Gary Somerville, whom she took an immediate liking to. Pixie worked as one of the PSA's top field agents, solving many cases and foiling Herbert's plans, until the agency's destruction in 2010. She then joined the Elite Penguin Force, where she took up an apprenticeship with Gary. Her affections for the inventor continued to grow, but Gary seemed to be completely oblivious to them. It wasn't until much later, shortly after Operation Blackout, that Gary fully realized his own feelings for Pixie. The two began dating and were married in 2013.

The PSA[edit | edit source]

Pixie formed the PSA (Pixie's Secret Agency) after becoming incredibly annoyed by the EPF's inability to capture and contain the island's biggest threat, Herbert P. Bear. The PSA soon grew from just a small group of penguins, to an agency almost rivaling the EPF. Several months after the PSA's founding, Pixie took a sudden leave of absence, which left her agents leaderless and confused. Many agents were worried, and a few even believed her to be dead. Without a director to oversee things, Charlie took over the agency and they continued to fight crime on the island. Pixie returned several months later, explaining that she had to leave due to personal issues, and to care for her and Gary's newborn daughter, Zelda. She apologized for leaving so suddenly and without explanation and her agents welcomed her back with open arms. To this day, Pixie retains her position as The Director, and with the rest of the agency, continues to keep crime on the island at bay.

Rivalry With Franky[edit | edit source]

Growing up, Franky was Pixie's next-door neighbour. He often called her "Little Pixie" and was generally a pain in the neck. He sometimes came over to the Gryffin's house uninvited and had a habit of causing trouble. Pixie thought him to be a spoiled brat, as his parents allowed him to do whatever he pleased without punishment. Her true hatred began for him when he was 9 years old, and despite being told not to play with his Frisbee in the house by Elora, he "accidentally" broke the screen of her computer. He claimed it wasn't his fault, and his parents refused to pay for the damage. After that incident, Pixie refused to have anything to do with him. Two years later, Franky moved away and Pixie tried to forget all about him. Her hatred was rekindled when she attended a Penguin Band concert and learned that Franky was their new member. He spotted her in the audience, and after the concert, proved that he had not changed at all when he approached her and acted as if they had been best friends. He even went so far as to ask her out on a date. Pixie refused, and, calling him a "Spoiled Rotten Pookie", pushed him off the stage. That was the last time either of them spoke. It is rumoured that Pixie may have had a part to play in his death, where he was sniped by an unknown penguin while in the town.

Present Life[edit | edit source]

Pixie continues to work as The Director, although due the the PSA's huge success, crime has gone down considerably on the island, allowing her to take up multiple new hobbies. She is currently working on a webcomic titled Morning Coffee, which is about her and Gary's often comical home life, and practices the electric guitar in her free time.

Recently rumors have spread that she is expecting her second child, although Pixie has dispatched them, saying that the only thing she is expecting is the impending apocalypse.

She attended Sherbert's Birth, and while utterly confused by the whole affair, is still very accepting of both Sherbert and Guinydyl and Sasquatch's relationship.

Pixie invited Snowy to join the agency, after hearing of her powers and the tyranny she caused as Queen of Icely.

Music Career[edit | edit source]

Pixie on tour with Aliens & Stuff in 2016

In 2016, she was asked to become the lead singer of the nerd rock band Aliens & Stuff (The Doctor chose the name.) Which consists of Gary on the keyboards and backup vocals, The Doctor on the electric guitar, and Gariwald on the drums. She originally played the cowbell, but was later asked to take on the position of lead singer after their first EP was rejected by multiple record lables due to Gary's horrible vocals. The band has since released a more successful, self titled EP, and one full length album "Look to the Stars", before abruptly breaking up in 2018 due to differences in opinion between Gary and Gariwald that weren't actually related to the band in any way.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Whatever Gary!" -When Gary starts talking about complicated scientific stuff that only he understands
  • "He's dead Jim!"
  • "If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. But, if you throw a man to the fish, you'll be locked up for murder, and pollution of a river."
  • "Well, let me just grab my Sonic Banana, and I'll be on my way!" -Her catchphrase in Doctor Wat.
  • "Hey, hey, hey stay outta my mental shack!" -When people try to enter the shack in her mind kingdom.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is able to see Gariwald VIII and other spirits without ghost goggles. It's unknown why exactly, although Gary speculates that it has something to do with her creator watching too much Ghost Whisperer at the time of her creation and thinking it was cool. it's due to her having a rare form of astigmatism.
  • She was trained in the ways of the ninja by Sensei.
  • She once trained with a powerful wizard, and learned absolutely nothing useful from the experience beyond a spell that allows her to stir her tea without touching the spoon.
  • She HATES being called 'Little Pixie' or anything like that.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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"Pixie" Skye Gryffin
Madeleine Petsch.png

Age 16
Gender Female
Sexuality ?
Species Human
Position Director of the PSA,
singer, artist
Enemies Herbert, Perry
Related To Elora
Romance Interest Gary
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Madelaine Petsch

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