I sell Popcorn and pain! Buy popcorn get pain FREE
— Popcorn Guy
Popcorn Guy

Age 37 years
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Villain
Friends  ?
Enemies Locy
Favorites Lydia, popcorn
Related To  ?
Romance Interest Lydia
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Popcorn Guy was first discovered by Locy, before she had learned of any agency.


Popcorn Guy has on several occasions teamed up with Herbert and the RPF. He first found out about the PSA when he helped Herbert take out the sun and freeze secret agents. He has never actually joined the RPF, or any similar agency.


Popcorn Guy is more of a nuisance than anything else, and is usually only seen as a minor threat. When he worked for Herbert, Herbert had only pretended to like him so that he would do Herbert's dirty work. His crush, Lydia, does not return his affections, and has likely denied him a position in the RPF. He seems to have a fear of Locy,[1] the only one who sees him as an actual threat, and is usually the one who thwarts him.


Popcorn Guy owns popcorn-shaped explosives, which he usually eats instead of popcorn. He is also learning in the arts of Card Jitsu Butter to make his popcorn taste better.


  • "You want some corn? How about some pop instead? *throws explosives" -This is usually towards the PSA agents.
  • "Whoops! Gotta run!"
  • "Get your 'popping' hot corn!"


  1. Popcorn Guy: Sorry I'm late guys *sees Locy* AHH what's she doing here!
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