While Lucy was on Blisk she discovered the Power Gems. These gems are magical, and have a wide range of powers, ranging from hypnotizing others, to turning someone into a dragon! Not only that, but Lucy also found a book that explains exactly what each gem looks like and what it does. Each gem has an additional power that is eventually unlocked by the user, such as the Snowstone, which can levitate and speak.

List of Known Power GemsEdit

Song GemEdit

Power: To hypnotize people of any species via song.

Tail GemEdit

Power: To turn the user into a mermaid.

Transformation GemEdit

Power: To transform the wearer into a dragon. It is activated by the slightest of anger.

Mind Swap GemEdit

Power: To make two minds swap.

Burning GemEdit

Power: To make someone feel intense burn, but doesn't actually burn them.

Love GemEdit

Power: To heal and possibly revive allies and do great damage to enemies.


Power: To bring snow to life, thus creating armies. Also can levitate and inform the user about almost anything. It also serves as the heart of everything it creates.


Power: When holding the gem in the penguin's flipper, the user will spin really fast, allowing them to drill through anything.

Rumblebee GemEdit

Power: Turns everyone within 10 feet of the user into a bee.

Success GemEdit

Power: Able to grant it's user success in everything good. The user must hold the gem then think of what they want to be successful in in order for the gem to work.

Time GemEdit

Power: Allows the User to Control Time.


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