The Puffle Division is a division of the PSA. There is a puffle of every color with a special ability, plus the Elite Puffles. It is also called the Puffle Secret Agency. Charlie is in charge of it, and trained most of the puffles.





HPink is a Pink Puffle owned by Locy and Lucy. Shes not that intelligent but makes up for it by being the most athletic and skilled of the puffles. She is also able to communicate with Locy. She is not officially part of the team as she is always either with Locy or Lucy.




Wingman is a Rainbow Puffle, and Agent Charlie's assistant. He helps Charlie communicate with the other puffles and helps in demonstrations. Like HPink, he is technically not part of the Puffle Team as he is always seen with Charlie. He is very intelligent for a Rainbow Puffle and is also very steathy.


Cloud is also a Rainbow Puffle. She is the Puffle of Agent Flames She can shoot rainbow beams and change colors. She is known to be powerful and special.

Rainbow puffle elite

Cloud shooting a rainbow beam.


Switch is the Orange Puffle. He can create portals to other dimensions or use them to teleport to different places.
Orange puffle elite

Switch jumping into one of his portals.


Pixel is the Brown Puffle. He can make nearly anything with almost nothing.


Firework is Puffles' rainbow puffle but now works as an PSA puffle as well. He is capable of making clouds out of nothing. He's best friends with Cloud.


Artie is a yellow puffle. He can paint pictures so realistic that anybody would think they're real, easily fooling enemies.


Fluffle is a pink puffle. She can hold her breath underwater for long periods of time.


Comet is a black puffle. He is capable of flying through the air faster than a jet plane. Comet doesn't need puffle o's or hot sauce to catch on fire, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy some spicy snacks from time to time.


Pluffy is a purple puffle. His owner is Agent Helmet.

Kris's PufflesEdit

All of Kris's Puffles are in the Puffle Division.


Keyboard is a blue triceratops puffle. He also works for the RPA (formerly) and the SPA. His owner is Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe.


Starburst is a white unicorn puffle. She is super hyper and can run very far distances. She can also squeak really loud to scare enemies and sometimes even break glass.


Darktwist is a black unicorn puffle. He can eat significant amounts of Twizzlers without getting sick and burn up and charge far distances.


Blitzen is a blue deer puffle. When he isn't helping his owner, he will help the Puffle division by using his antlers to break open locks.

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