Age 639
Gender Genderless (referred to as male)
Species Rock
Position Guard Rock, Actor, Model, Illuminati, Nurse
Friends Rookie
Enemies Bombs, Barnes
Favorites Dirt
Related To The Moon
Romance Interest Snowstone
Status Alive
Alternate Form Brock's Geodude, Patrick's Rock
Portrayed By ?

Rocky is Rookie's pet rock. He is currently engaged to the Snowstone.


Rocky is very shy, yet ever since birth he has found himself in situations that required him to be social. Because of this, Rocky has tried to shield himself from publicity by joining the Illuminati, which decided to turn him into a celebrity. Since then, Rocky has taken roles in movies and TV shows that do not require much acting. His favorite genre of music is country, not rock as others often assume.


The Moon gave birth to Rocky 639 years ago. He lived happily on the moon for a few centuries. In the late eighteenth century, Rocky was elected the 0th president of the United States of America, despite not being an American citizen, or living in America. About 50 years ago, on an expedition to the moon, Gariwald brought him to Earth. When Rookie was born, he was given Rocky as a present from Gariwald.

About ten years after arriving on Earth, he started to appear in popular media, after his mother's success in Good Night Moon. He also joined the Illuminati, after they learned he was from space. He slowly went up the ranks, and now he is the Illuminati's head Conspiracy Creator. The Illuminati helped Rocky get into Harvard, where he got his degree in nursing.

A few years later, Rocky met the Snowstone. Rocky eventually became engaged to the Snowstone, and their wedding is to take place yesterday. He also got a job guarding the Hidden Lake when Rookie is at work. When Rookie goes home, Rocky leaves another rock to do his job.

Appearances in MediaEdit

  • He is Patrick's Rock in Spongebob Squarepants.
  • He is the Rock covering the Hidden Lake.
  • He appeared as Brock's Geodude in the Pokémon anime.
  • His Face is carved into Mount Rushmore, but few people actually notice it because it looks like it's just part of the natural mountain.
  • Pop Rocks are named after him.
  • He was used as a design model for the rocks in Twilight Princess. He later resigned when his design was only used for bombable rocks.
  • His mother appeared as the moon in Majora's Mask, and Good Night Moon.
  • The Pet Rock, which was first created in 1975, was modeled after Rocky.
  • The 1976 movie, Rocky, and its main protagonist, Rocky, were named after him.
  • In Steven Universe, he appears as bubbled a gem in the Burning Room.


  • Many don't know he's alive; they just overlook Rocky, and think Rookie is just crazy.
  • His voice is high pitched.


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