The PSA agents are back to protect the island from the RPF and the SASS! Along with some new recruits, this agency is as strong as ever.

  1. Happy Herbert Description: Herbert's clone is running around the island singing JB songs. Will they stop him or will they all go crazy? (Complete)
  2. Jedi Escapes Description: Jedi has escaped, and the PSA agents need to capture him. Will they succeed? (Complete)
  3. New Arrival Description: Shellia has arrived on the scene! Will her shyness be a set back? (Complete)
  4. A Little 'Slip' Up! Description: Everyone in the agency, except Rookie, is hurt because of an accident in the Coffee Shop. Herbert has also escaped his jail cell! Will Rookie be able to focus for once and save the day? (Complete)
  5. Double Trouble Description: Herbert has just reawakened his clone, Happy Herbert and they have teamed up! They are plotting to destroy the PSA! However the REAL Herbert gets annoyed at his clone and decides to team up with the PSA to stop him. Does this plot-twist mean danger? (Complete)
  6. Poltergeist Extermination Program Description: The PSA has to team up with the PEP to find a clone of Harrison who is a ghost. However, Jay thinks there is something more sinister afoot. (Complete)
  7. Hungry Hungry Teddies Description: The PSA needs to capture Hungry Herberta. (Complete)
  8. New Dimension, New Trouble (Part 1) Description: The PSA goes to another dimension to find out how all the clones are coming to CP, but Rookie delays them by sending them to uncharted regions of the Box Dimension, forcing the agents to try to get to their destination through a maze of portals. Will the agents ever find out where the clones are coming from? (Complete)
  9. Dimension of Doom (Part 2) Description: The PSA enters the strange dimension where all the clones are coming from to destroy Rookie-clone's machine. (Complete)
  10. Helmet and PHs Wedding Description: Will Helmet's Wedding go as planned? (Complete)
  11. You Didn't Invite Me! Description: Jay and Dot are getting married! However, Locy and Rookie are NOT invited to the special occasion. Now that Locy is devastated and wants revenge, will the wedding be ruined? (Complete)
  12. The Four Swords Description: The PSA needs to find four swords that are being made. (Complete)
  13. The Ruler's Curse Description: The agents have to find out a way to cure Jay! Because he was the ruler of Club Penguin many years ago, a curse passed down to him, and it's slowly draining his power. Will they save him? Or will Jay disappear forever? (Complete)
  14. The Human on Penguin Isle Description: Hailey has come to Club Penguin Island after an accident on her cruise around the Caribbean Islands. Will she be able to fit in? (Complete)
  15. I Hear Wedding Bells Ringing Description: Tra has proposed to Candice for marriage. The newly engaged couple can't wait to throw their wedding. However, a joke-gone-wrong occurs around the agency, spreading a weird rumor. Will this destroy the wedding plans? (Complete)
  16. This is Our Future? Description: A Puffles from the future comes back in time and asks the agents for help. Will they be able to save their future selves? Or will Kevin and his army of cyborgs take control of "Klub Kevin" forever? (Complete)
  17. An Inky Situation Description: A potion turns leftovers into Squidzoid! Will the agents be able to stop them? On top of it all, the potion was stolen by.. well.. we don't know! (Complete)
  18. Payback Time Description: Agent Phineas is very sad that Helmet married with PH. Will Phineas99 ever control his feelings and return back to normal again? (Complete)
  19. The Hunger Games Description: Herbert has challenged Hailey and the other agents to participate in the Hunger Games! Who will win this event? (Complete)
  20. Herbert's New Employee Description: Rookie resigns the PSA to join Herbert. However, the PSA discovers that Rookie is a lot smarter when he's evil. They have to convince Rookie to get back on their side before he destroys Club Penguin Island! (Complete)
  21. Jailbreak Description: Brady has escaped the PSA jail, and he's aiming to destroy the island! Will they stop him, or is the PSA going to let the island fall into the hands of a maniacal surfer boy? (Complete)
  22. The 1,000 Year Curse Description: A curse that only strikes ever 1,000 years is attacking the PSA agents! One by one, the agents are falling into a deep slumber. Without knowing a way to revive them, how do the agents possibly save their friends? (Complete)
  23. The Parent Trap Description: On an ordinary night, just as Jet Pack Guy and Puffles are discussing about their missing parents, a shadowing figure appears before them. They find their father at last! But wait, their father is JAY?! (Complete)
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