After the apocalypse, the agents decide to take a long deserved break. Either that, or Eagles can die, Rookie can be abandoned, and Charlie can become a demon.

  1. Rise of the Dark Wizard Description: The PSA discovers that a Dark Wizard created Star. (Complete)
  2. The "Death" of Eagles Description: Gary's machine accidentally combines Eagles and Raven into one being. (Complete)
  3. No Rookie Day Description: Everyone abandons Rookie for a day. (Complete)
  4. Agency Wars:A New Eagles Description: Eagles returns, with a plan to take over the PSA. (Complete)
  5. Paranormalbusters Description: Gary and ADL summon ghosts. (Complete)
  6. The End Description: After a year of doing mostly nothing, someone kidnaps Spike Hike, and the agents decide to do something about it. (Current)

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