SandorL Rory 2015 A

Age 32
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Construction worker
Friends Tim, the PSA, Stacey
Enemies LOVE, Herbert, RPF
Favorites Construction
Related To Tim (spouse)
Romance Interest Tim
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Rory is a former construction worker on Club Penguin. After moving to Portmeirion, Gwynedd, North Wales when he married Tim, he became a construction worker there. Whenever you find him, he is usually fixing or building things for the neighbourhood. It is currently unknown if he is in the PSA or if he plans on joining.


Rory is very imaginative, always having a plan, and never wasting his energy (being an INTJ). He's very hard working and determined, but has shown to be a bit self-conscious about himself. As a construction worker on Club Penguin, his co-workers never seemed to recognize his hard work or even acknowledge his existence. After marrying Tim, Rory's become a bit more optimistic and more people recognize him and praise him.

Rory is pansexual, being attracted to everyone regardless of gender identity, gender, and/or sexuality.


Rory is always seen wearing his construction hat and safety vest. He owns a bomber jacket, but he's rarely seen with it.


  • "No, I'm not Bob the Builder, little kid."
  • "Haha, of course! I can fix ANYTHING!"
  • " broke something again?"


  • Sometime before marrying Tim, Rory dated Paige. It is unknown how long it lasted.


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