— Sady

Age 2 years
Gender Female
Species Cat puffle
Position Puffle Emporium Assistant Hunter
Friends Anyone who doesn't bark at or chase her
Enemies Pie, Dog Puffles
Favorites Exploring the wild, hanging out with Charlie, playing with Wingman
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest Wingman
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Sady is Charlie's cat puffle. She goes with him out into the wild to hunt for puffles to bring to The Puffle Emporium.


Sady was given to Charlie when he was first employed at The Puffle Emporium. Ever since then, she has aided Charlie in all of his puffle findings.


While Sady is quite independent, she is also very loving and kind, and rarely never hisses. She shares a special bond with Wingman, though nobody is aware of it.

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