Gray Alien Puffle

Owner Pixie
Gender Male
Attitude Intelligent
Species Alien Puffle
Age 1
Position Lab assistant to Gary
Favorite toys Spaceships
Favorite food Buttered toast
Friends Fluffle, Darwin
Enemies None
Romance Interest None
Special features Can pick up radio signals using the antenna on his head

Sagan is Pixie's silver alien puffle, and one of Gary's lab assistants.

He is named after the astronomer Carl Sagan.


Not much is know about Sagan's life before arriving by spaceship on Club Penguin. Judging by his personality however, Pixie believes he may have been some sort of scientist.


Sagan is highly intelligent and very curious. He and Darwin often assist Gary in his lab. He also enjoys rave music, and can often be found dancing to it while in Pixie's igloo.

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