Crystal is my middle name, literally!
— Sapphire

Merry Walrus Party Login Screen Blue Crystal Puffle

Age 1 year
Gender Female
Species Blue Crystal Puffle
Position PSA agent, puffle
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies Herbert, Tusk, mean puffles
Favorites Her siblings, nice Puffles
Related To Other Crystal Puffles
Romance Interest Charlie the Blue Puffle
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Sapphire Crystal Diamond is a Blue Crystal Puffle owned by Kris. She loves the colour blue and likes seeing gems, crystals, and diamonds. She didn't know what she looked like, thinking she was just a normal Blue Puffle. She learned what she truly was after Charlie the Blue Puffle (who she has a soft side for) showed her her reflection in a mirror.


Sapphire has magic that she uses to talk, create items (such as blue crystal Puffle Os, her favourite food), turn items into blue crystals, and freeze things. She also knows how to fly.


  • "So that's why I love gems... I'M SO PRETTY!!" - Sapphire when Charlie showed her a mirror.
  • "Give me some Blue Crystal Puffle O's please!" - Sapphire when hungry


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