Newspaper Issue 494 Sasquatch Eating Cactus

Age Unknown, at least nine
Gender Male
Species Yeti
Position EPF prisoner
Friends Cammiii1
Enemies Charlie, Wingman
Favorites Shiny things, rare items, privacy, fish cake
Related To Hacksquatch/Smulley Superior
Romance Interest Thunder Blade
Status Imprisoned
Alternate Form Hacksquatch (state of possession by Smulley Superior), The Easter Bunny
Portrayed By ?

Sasquatch is a creature that lives in the forest of Club Penguin. He has had several run-ins with members of the PSA, namely Charlie and Wingman.


In early years of Club Penguin's history, he was mistaken as a bunny, because only his shadow had been seen by the public. Because of this, he was coined as the Easter Bunny in early days of Club Penguin, despite only hiding eggs so that others would not find them.

Years later, he was found in the wilderness as the one responsible for eating the cake in the Ski Lodge to celebrate its revamping. Cammiii1 then found and tamed him, and now considers him a pet.


  • After his first appearance at the Puffle Party, Jay gave him the nickname "Fishcake."
  • His name is actually Sam, as Megg confirmed this.
  • Pixie believes that he is the Sascrotch.


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