Scorn the Dragon King
Scorn 1

Age 10000 (according to Poko)
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Position King of Dragons
Friends  ?
Enemies Penguins
Favorites Gold, treasure.
Related To Scorn II
Romance Interest Deceased wife
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Scorn the Dragon King (also called the Dragon King or Scorn) was a dragon who once ruled over the Sky Kingdom, and Club Penguin Island long ago, who returned years later and was later destroyed by a group of brave knights. He married an unnamed dragon and had Poko with her. He tried to overthrow the kingdom of Club Penguin in 2012. Gary (who was aware of the Dragon King's presence) made knight armour that could withstand the dragons' attacks. He flew over Club Penguin waiting to strike for revenge. His lair was the Mountain of Misery. He was defeated along with his statues, so it is unknown whether he will return.[1]


  • According to Poko, he was 10000.


  • "No hero will prevail this time..."
  • "You dare defy the mighty DRAGON King?"
  • "Pesky penguin, you are no match for me!"
  • "Nothing will stop me! Even the biggest hero in the world!"



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