Age N/A
Gender Male
Species Snowman
Position Snow Minion
Friends Tusk
Enemies Sensei, Snow Ninjas
Favorites Ice
Related To Sly, Tank
Romance Interest N/A
Status Alive
Alternate Form N/A
Portrayed By ?

Scrap is a snow minion that works for Tusk. He is pretty swift and has great athletic abilities. Carrying a tennis racket, there's no telling what he'll chuck at you. It could range from a snowball to an anvil.


Scrap is very athletic. His favorite sport is badminton, and he carries around his racket wherever he goes. He will use his racket to play the air guitar. He likes to brag about his athleticism, and will do fifty push-ups in a row for anyone willing to watch.


  • "I'll get you! Get you so fast it'll make your head spin!"
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