You're not gonna hurt me are you?
— Shellia

Age 14 years
Gender Female
Species Crab
Position PSA agent
Friends Locy
Enemies  ?
Favorites Candy
Related To Crissy
Romance Interest Klutzy
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Shellia is a crab who gets beaten and teased often by her older sister, Crissy. She is in the PSA.


Shellia is shy, and is often bullied by her older sister. She has a love for candy, especially lollipops. She wishes Klutzy would join the PSA to help fight evil, because of her crush on him. Locy has always tried to give her a "thicker skin," without success.


All her life, Crissy was mean to her. Always teasing her, taunting her, and even beating her. When Shellia was 10, she became shy and hated crowds, fearing that people like her sister would be mean to her. She also met Locy who she then befriended. When she was 13, Crissy joined SASS, and because of this Shellia wanted to help and joined the PSA. She recently became an official PSA agent.


  • "You are omelet." Shellia's attempt to speak penguin.
  • "Click click? (Huh you don't wanna hurt me?)"
  • "Click click click! (Well t-t-this is where I draw the line.... I'm joining.. The P-P-PSA!)"
  • "Click click? (Thicker skin? I have a shell!)"
  • "click click click.. (You don't have to be evil, Klutzy. You can be nice and join the welcoming good side!)"
  • "Click.... (Uhhmeh, hello?)"


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