Sherbert's Birth
Sherbert birth

Members only No
When Summer 2020
Free Item(s) None
Where The Pizza Parlor
Mascot(s) See list

Sherbert's Birth was a ceremony that began and ended some point in the summer of 2020.


After the fornication between Guinydyl and Sasquatch, the latter fell pregnant. He held the ceremony for all to attend. Sherbert was born from Sasquatch's Party Hat. As shown in the only known photo, Sherbert was born in the form of a rainbow.

Known AttendeesEdit

Known CasualtiesEdit

  • Cadence - Sasquatch's party hat poked her in the eye and she, blindly, fell down the side of the mountain.
  • Rockhopper - Crashed his ship into icebergs whilst trying to visit, ended up dying.
  • Rookie's hopes of getting back with Elsa.


  • Sasquatch believed that Sherbert D. Bear's birth symbolised the hope of a more free-loving Island, in which species' can legally inter-mate and not be shunned by others nor society.
    • His belief of free-love was the reason why he invited every penguin on the island. However, the full list of who attended is unknown.
      • The lack of photographic evidence of the event limits the available list of known attendees.
  • The ceremony allowed for Elsa and Lee Pace to formally meet and eventually marry.


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