Age None
Gender  ?
Species  ?
Position Digital overlord
Friends None
Enemies Charlie, the PSA
Favorites Special effects,
dramatic entrances,
big reveals
Related To No one
Romance Interest None
Status In Digital Form
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
All in good time, my dear... uh... duck... all in good time.
— Smulley 4.0 to ADL

Smulley is a computer program created by Douglas, designed to be the basis programming of penguinoid robots, sole purposed to track down and capture Charlie, as well as anyone else who gets in its way.


After Charlie was created by Douglas out of snow and turned into a penguin by the Snowstone, Douglas soon realized Charlie had no future in his evil schemes and exiled him to Penguin Isle. Many years later Douglas created an unseen device that can turn anyone evil, and decided to find his son to use it on him, therefore making Charlie his evil slave. He temporarily teamed up with the RPF to capture Charlie. Herbert built a robotic clone of Smulley, who Douglas attempted to use to locate Charlie, but Smulley was later destoyed by debris falling from the collapsing Hidden Lake. Douglas went on to start the L.O.V.E. agency, still on the intent of capturing and turning Charlie evil. He recovered Smulley's programming and placed it into a new identical robot, Smulley 2.0, which was subsequently (accidentally) destroyed by Rookie. Douglas rebuilt Smulley's body once more and gave him an upgrade, naming him Smulley 3.5. When Douglas was frozen and put on ICE, he escaped with the other LOVE agents and began to work on an upgrade for himself that would allow him to take his revenge.


  • Smulley used to refer to Douglas as "Father" (much to Douglas's chargin).
  • Smulley is designed to look like a normal, friendly, penguin, and managed to fool the PSA at first.
  • He is based on the character "Smulley" from the book "The Spice of Life ".
  • Smulley is currently receiving a new upgrade, Smulley 4.0. When it will be revealed is unknown.


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