Space Adventure Party

Members only No
When November 2nd - November 30th
Free Item(s) Myra's Time Twist Background, Gary's Space Adventure Giveaway, Protobot's Space Attack Giveaway, Tra's Spooktacular Giveaway, Tra-Bot's Creep Up Background
Where On the wiki
Mascot(s) Gary, Myra and Protobot

Side Mascots: Tra and Tra-bot

The Space Adventure Party is an event that happened on the wiki.


Time to explore space! Unfortunately, Protobot is invading space and sending the Test Bots to destroy Club penguin and the agent! It's up to you to stop them!



  • Tra and Tra-bot are mascots for the first week and a half due to them not being mascots at the Halloween Party for very long.
  • Rooms from the future party were reused for this party.
  • After you defeat the Test Bots, Myra reveals that she's okay and gives you the Color Glitch Rabbit Plushy as a gift for defeating the Test Bots.
    • Even though Gary says that Myra was glitching due to Protobot, it was actually only the future making her glitch.
  • The party was thought to just take place in space, but turned out to be the Future Party.




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