Spooky Dragon
Spooky Dragon

Age Between 40 and 50 years old (most likely)
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Position Villain, King of Halloween (in his dreams)
Friends Ghosts, Other Undead species
Enemies Everyone
Favorites Halloween Undead Species
Related To N/A
Romance Interest N/A
Status Dead (possibly may be alive)
Alternate Form The Ultimate Dragon
Portrayed By Unknown

The Spooky Dragon is a villain from the Halloween Party 2015. He was stealing the Pumpkin Puffles for a plan to help Possessed Charlie, before being defeated at the Mine Shack. His status is unknown, most likely being dead, but there is a chance he could still be alive.


Spooky Dragon will do anything to be the overlord of Halloween. He went to the great extent of stealing the Pumpkin Puffles, and fought anyone who dared to stop him. However, his strength was proved to be too weak once he was defeated.


Spooky Dragon had started out as a basic Ultimate Dragon. He thought he was the strongest dragon, when he really wasn't, until being transformed into a black and orange Dragon on Halloween night. The next year, he decided to take over the penguins' Halloween Party by stealing the Pumpkin Puffles, and helping Possessed Charlie with his plan. No one knows what this plan was, as it was never mentioned. However, the Pumpkin Puffles were rescued as an agent stopped him.


  • "How dare you steal those Pumpkin Puffles from me! They were going to be used for a perfect plan and now that you ruined my plan, You must be destroyed!"


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